Crypt Gallery London NW1 2BA

October 2018

Part of the Bloomsbury Festival

Life-Blood is defined as the blood, as being necessary for life. It’s also the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.

In this exhibition we will explore activist art as realised by a group of international artists, film makers, writers and a poet.

The Tate website explains that “Activist Art is about empowering individuals and communities and is generally situated in the public arena with artists working closely with a community to generate the art.”

From HIV and AIDS, the contaminated blood inquiry, gay men and the inability to donate blood, to indigenous Indians and Palestinian land rights, we ask what are the vital desires, the lifeblood, that gives life to their work.

Participants include: Cara Romero (photography); Dominic Janes (writer’s talk); Iyatra Quartet (music); Joanna Prince (talk); Madison Moore (writer’s talk); Mahmoud J Alkurd (photography); Marnie Scarlet (Sculpture/Performance); Miguel Conde (drawing); RJ Arkhipov (poet); Sunil Gupta (photography/film) and Yaroslaff Soltan (sculpture).

Curated by Ash Kotak

Images Darren Brade (Automatic or flick through to view)